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TMA information table

Information tables in office lobbies are staffed to help people find an active commute mode.

TMA members meet

Members meet monthly for free training on offering commute programs and to share information.  


About the Sacramento TMA

The Sacramento TMA is the oldest TMA in Sacramento and one of the largest in the country. Incorporated in 1989, the TMA has 205 members, representing more than 90,000 commuters. The Sacramento TMA serves employers, commuters and residents from the American River to Elk Grove and from the Sacramento River to 65th Street.

The TMA is an independent association of employers and building managers that are concerned about traffic congestion and air quality in Sacramento. By pooling the members’ resources, the TMA helps its members offer employee commute programs that are more comprehensive, more cost-effective and more successful than any employer could offer on its own.


Business and community leaders on the Board of Directors set TMA policy and direction. The executive director develops and provides member programs and services, shares information and expertise with TMA members, saving them valuable staff time to devote to their primary business.


The Sacramento TMA is funded by membership dues, which pay for member programs, services and staff. The TMA leverages these dues to secure grant funding for programs and services.


By developing successful work site programs, the TMA helps its members offer commute assistance to their employees:


The TMA keeps members informed of changing transportation and air quality issues, tracks activity and keeps members updated with information they need to know through on-going training and special assistance implementing commute alternative programs at the work site. At monthly networking meetings, the TMA acts as a clearinghouse of ideas, as Employee Transportation Coordinators share information and resources.