For an Emergency Ride Home Voucher or to find a carpool match, click the sacregion511 box below:

511 Sacramento Region



Enterprise Rentacar

Your Voucher will be for a rentacar if your ride is more than 20 miles.

yellow cab

Your Voucher will be for a Yellow Cab if your ride is less than 20 miles.

Tips to make your experience better:

• A 10% tip for the taxi is included with the Voucher.

• Taxi fares for rides up to 20 miles are $45.

• The TMA has an agreement with Yellow Cab that Yellow Cab will not charge more than $45 for a ride up to 20 miles.

• Rides more than 20 miles can be charged at the regular rate. (Those rides are for people who cannot drive a rental car that day.)

• The taxi can stop for 10 minutes to pick up a child. Child car seats are available in taxis.








Emergency Ride Home

If you use a commute option, (you don't drive alone to work), at least 60 percent of your work week, and you work for a current (dues-paid) TMA-member employer, the TMA will pay your taxi or rental car if you have an emergency or unscheduled overtime and are stranded at work without a car.

To receive a voucher to pay for the ride, log in to If you are not registered, click New User. Your emergency ride can be arranged through Yellow Cab, (for trips under 20 miles, or if you are too ill to drive), or through Enterprise Rent-a-Car (for trips more than 20 miles). 

When you have an emergency, log in to and download a Voucher. The Voucher pays for the ride and a tip (for the taxi). Know how to use the program before there is an emergency, so get a test Voucher after you register.

The program can be used up to 5 times a year under the following circumstances:

You may NOT use the Emergency Ride Home program for the following reasons:

Tips to make your rental car experience better:

Budget 40 minutes to rent a car: Approximately 15 minutes to be picked up, 10 minutes to travel to Enterprise, 5 minutes waiting in line, and 10 minutes to sign contract and do walk-around.

Most Enterprise offices close at 6:00 p.m. Rentals can be returned after hours. (There are after-hours drop-boxes for the key.)

The rental car is due back the next day, within 24 hours, and Enterprise will take you to your worksite. If you cannot return it to the original point, confirm before you leave that you can return it to an Enterprise location near your home without paying a “drop charge.”

Enterprise requires a $50 refundable deposit, either in cash or credit. (This is discounted from the usual $200.)

Enterprise requires a valid driver’s license. A copy will not do.

Child seats are available for rentacars.