Welcome to the Sacramento TMA
(Transportation Management Association)

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Sacramento Transportation Management Association


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511 Sacramento Region



TMA members

400 Capitol Mall
Wells Fargo Center
ph:  916-614-8850

500 Capitol Mall / Bank of the West Tower
contact: Margie Monson
ph:  916-447-0500

555 Capitol Mall
ph:  916-448-2023

621 Capitol Mall /US Bank Tower
contact: Megan Wetsell
ph: 916-498-6211

Air Quality Management District
contact: Lauren Neves
ph:  916-874-4827

Army Corps of Engineers
Emily Whitfield

ph: 916-557-7470

Breathe California of Sacramento/Emigrant Trails
ph: 916-444-5900

ph:  327-2710
contact: Sergio Canchola
ph:  916-322-2248

Cal/EPA-State Water Resources Control Board
contact::Sergio Canchola
ph:  916-322-2248

Cal/EPA-Air Resources Board
contact: Sergio Canchola
ph:  916-322-2248

Cal/EPA-Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
contact:Sergio Canchola
ph:  916-322-2248

Cal/EPA-Dept. of Pesticide Regulation
contact:Sergio Canchola
ph:  916-322-2248

Cal/EPA-Dept. of Resources, Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle)
contact:Sergio Canchola
ph:  916-322-2248

Cal/EPA-Dept. of Toxic Substance Control
contact: Sergio Canchola
ph:  916-322-2248

California Energy Commission
contact: Alicia Nambo
ph:  916- 654-4296

California High Speed Rail
contact: Tiffany Eveleth
ph:  916-324-1541

California Highway Patrol
contact:  Leah Mora
ph:  916-843-3370

California Housing Finance Agency
contact: Barry Meidinger
ph:  916-326-8001

California State Auditor
contact: Ana Clark
ph:  916-445-0255

California State Library
contact: a

California State Parks
contact: Denise Ross
ph:  916- 653-3525

California State University, Sacramento
contact:  Noel Carolipio
ph:  916-278-7527

contact: Kerima Lim
ph:  916-326-8845

contact: Kareniece Hannon
ph:  916-445-3573

Chamber of Commerce
contact:  Gail Klaman
ph:  916-552-6800

City of Sacramento
contact: Jennifer Venema
ph:  916-808-1859

County of Sacramento
contact: Justin Honea
ph: 916-874-5579

Delta Stewardship Council
contact: Linda Thomas
ph:  916-445-5387

Dept. of State Hospitals
contact: Shannon Martin-Guzman

Downey Brand Attorneys
contact: Stephanie Crowe
ph:  916-441-0131

EDD / Employment Development
contact: Erika Baltazar
Lizbeth Ramirez
Rose Magdaleno

ph:   916-657-4229

Commute with Enterprise
contact:  Maryam Amiri
ph:  510-541-4905
or : 916-787-4757

Mercy General Hospital
contact: Steve Hansen
ph:  916-453-4408

ICF, Inc.
contact: Steve Pappas
ph: 916-737-3000

Office of Emergency Services
contact:Philip Cheung
ph: 916-657-9384

Office of Legislative Counsel
contact: Dot O'Connor
ph:  916-341-8679

Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development
contact: Emon Graves
ph:  916-326-3265

Paratransit, Inc.
contact: Steve Robinson-Burmester
ph:  916-429-2009, ext. 7305

Regional Transit
contact: Katie Nichols
ph:  916-556-0125

contact:  Adrienne Moretz
ph: 916-319-5189

Sacramento Employment and Training Agency
contact: Debbie Schneider
ph: 916-263-0606

contact: Stan Ichibo
ph:  916-732-6059

Sacramento Housing & Redevelopment Agency
contact:  Ruth Jensen
ph:  916-440-1324

Sacramento Natural Food Coop
contact:  Julia Thomas
ph:  916-732-3151

Sacramento Public Library
contact: Shayla St. Clair
ph:  916-264-2940

Secretary of State's Office
contact:  Roger Vartabedian
ph:  916-695-1517

State Compensation Insurance Fund
contact: David Olmos
ph:  916-924-6347

State Controller's Office
contact: Brando Otiono
ph:  916-322-1243

State Dept. of Business Oversight
contact: Denise Moncus Gwen
ph:  916-323-7016

State Dept. of Conservation
contact: Paula Hutchinson
ph:  916-323-2159

State Dept. of Corrections & Rehabilitation
contact: Desiree Garcia
ph: 916-323-6532

State Dept. of Developmental Services
contact: Michael Sanchez
ph:  916-654-3315

State Dept. of Finance
contact: Alisa Enright
ph:  916-445-1986  ext. 3448

State Dept. of Food and Agriculture
contact:  Paulette Montez
ph:  916-403-6516

State Dept. of Forestry and Fire Protection
contact:  Iryna Bolotina
ph:  916-653-7158

State Dept. of General Services
ph:  916-376-3975
contact: Tom Ruelas
contact: Desiree Garcia

State Dept. of Health Care Services
contact:  Corina Epperly
ph: 916-327-8538

State Dept. of Insurance
contact:  Jody Amaro
ph:  916-492-3285

State Dept. of Managed Health Care
contact:  Michelle Aguilar 
ph:  916-323-8440

State Dept. of Motor Vehicles
contact:  Stafford Morris
ph:  916-657-8165

State Dept. of Human Resources
contact:  Mark Rodriguez
ph:  916-324-0526

State Dept. of Public Health
contact: Cam Pham
ph:  916-650-0190

State Dept. of Rehabilitation
contact: John Schumann
ph: 916-558-5517

State Dept. of Social Services
contact: Shawn Prigmore
ph:  916-651-1482

State Dept. of Tax & Fee Administration
contact: Deborah Malone
ph: 916-322-9903

State Dept. of Technology
contact: Alex Gomez
ph:  916-228-6006

State Dept. of Water Resources
contact: Judith McCarty
ph:  916-653-4731

State Personnel Board
contact: Dino DeFazio
ph:  916-653-1129

State Public Defender's Office
contact:  Monica Ohta
ph:  916-322-7043

State Treasurer's Office
contact:  Avery Houston
ph: 916-653-7836

State Victim Compensation Gov't Claims Board
contact: Alanna Dayton
ph:  916-491-3827

Superior Court of California
contact: Kenley Perkins
ph:  916-874-5390

Sutter Health
contact: Tanya Mitzel
ph:  916-887-4499

UC Davis Health - Parking & Transportation
contact: Sarah Janus
ph:  916-734-7767

contact: Carla Virdee
ph: 916-446-9255