Successful remote workers have a workspace that is free from distractions




Productive remote workers have the same output from a remote site as when on site



Remote workers maintain regular office hours and a routine that separates work from personal time



Effective remote workers have childcare available


Telework - Managing Workers

Managing a remote team can be challenging. Employees are not in the same location as their manager and words or meaning can be lost in virtual calls or long emails. Managers need to be able to stay in constant contact, promote frequent communication within their team and be ready to resolve conflict when necessary. To help you make the transition to leading teams while working from home, this page has some helpful links.

Successfully manage remote workers

The US General Services Administration has an excellent site of resources for managing teleworkers.


To maintain continued, consistent operation of the department/unit, management training includes best practices for supervising remote workers to ensure their productivity.

Training resources are found on the following sites:

General characteristics of employees best suited for remote work

Specific characteristics of successful teleworkers

Common work functions well-suited for remote work

Work functions not suited for remote work