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Vanpool Routes

Placerville 916-229-0633916-229-0633 916-229-0633
(See Vanpool Seats available for more information)
Schedule and Stops
Auburn 530-613-9615 Steven Fultz 6:00am: Leave Auburn from the Starbucks in the Elm Street shopping center 
6:07: Pick up in Penryn
6:45: Arrive 5th & J St. 
Ends 1719 24th St. 

4:00pm: Depart downtown
For more detailed info go to www.auburn2sacVan.com
Auburn (11/18) 530=367-3434

Laurel Warddrip

6:30: Arrive Sacramento. Stops at 10th & I and 10th & O Street.

3:55pm: (3:25 on Fridays) Leave Sac from 10th and I back to Auburn. Pick-ups determined by needs of riders.

Auburn 916-414-6018

Ed Keller

James Koerner

6:00am:. Bowman & I-80 Park & Ride in Auburn
6:10: Penryn Road & I-80 Park & Ride.
6:50: 450 N Street (BOE Building)
7:00: Ends at DGS, 707 3rd St., West Sacramento

4:20pm Mon-Thurs: Departs 707 3rd St.
4:35pm Mon-Thursday: 450 N Street (BOE Building)
Departs one hour earlier on Fridays from same locations
Same stops in reverse on the way home.
5:35: (4:35 Fri) Arrives Bowman (approximately)
Auburn / Bowman / Penryn Cell: 530-613-1031 Kristin Rhoades 5:45am: Leave Bowman Park & Ride
5:55: Leave Penryn Park & Ride
6:20: Arrive 15th & N (Dept. of Education)
6:25: Arrive 3rd & N (Brd of Equalization)

3:55pm: Depart Board of Equalization (3rd & N St.)
4:00: Leave 15th & N

4:50 Arrive Penryn Park & Ride
5:00 Bowman Park & Ride

Auburn / Cool 530-745-9598 Casey Evans 6:05am: Depart Cool - Holiday Market Park & Ride
6:20: Pickup Auburn - 578 Lincoln Way
6:55: Arrive 5th & Capitol
7:00: 13th & U St
7:05: 24th and Broadway (DMV)
(Flexible, willing to change by 5–10 minutes to facilitate drop off/pick up in the downtown Sacramento area.

4:00pm: Depart 24th and Broadway
4:05: 13th & U St.
4:10: 5th & Capitol
5:00 Lincoln Way
515 Holiday Market Park & Ride
Auburn / Lake of the Pines / Grass Valley 916-690-1331 Cody Hustead 5:45am: Depart Wolf Road
6:00: Stop Bowman Road
6:30: Arrive downtown

4:00pm: Depart downtown
5:00: Arrive Bowman Road
5:10: Arrive Wolf Road
Also stops in Natomas behind shopping center.
Clipper Gap / Meadow Vista 916-651-8477 Joan Ysunza 5:40am: Leave from Clipper Gap/Meadow Vista
5:45: Stop at Raleys on Lincoln Way in Auburn
6:30: Drop off downtown: 3rd & Capitol
State Resources Building at 9th & N, 1120 N Street, East End at 15th & N St., Alhambra & S Street
Colfax / Auburn m: 916-206-9303
o: 916-691-4343
Ronald Painter

5:25am:. Leaves Downtown Colfax
5:35 AM: Leaves the Meadow Vista and I-80 Park & Ride
5:45 AM: Leaves the Bowman Rd and I-80 Park and Ride 
5:45 AM: Penryn Road & I-80 Park & Ride.
6:20: Arrive downtown Sacramento
7:00: AM  Ends in Elk Grove, 8260 Longleaf Drive  

4:00PM: Mon-Friday: Departs 1515 S Street Same stops in reverse on the way home.
5:00PM: Arrives Bowman (approximately)

(Flexible, willing to change by 5–10 minutes to facilitate drop off/pick up in the downtown Sacramento area.)

Davis to Cottage Way & El Camino Ave. 916-574-2181 Andy Reising Route
Fairfield 916-657-7123 Vanessa Paschal-Martin Stops in Fairfield.
Fairfield 916-227-1199 John Tatysion

6:20am: Depart from Cement Hill & Dover Ave (Our Lady of Mt. Carmel church parking lot)
7:00: Arrive 10th & O St light rail stop
7:05: Park at 11th & P

4:00pm: Depart 11th & P
4:05: 10th & O Street
5:05: Arrive Cement Hill & Dover Ave.

Galt 209-683-4258 Minh Do 6:05am: Depart Galt parking lot by Squeeze Burger. Stops at 16th & Capitol, 7th & I, 3rd & R St. Park at CalPERS.

4:30pm: Leave CalPERS. Pick up at
7th & J, 15th & N St.
5:05: Arrive Galt. (4:05pm Fridays)
Grass Valley 916-227-9620 Philip Dirden Route is flexible. Stops and schedules may change according to riders' needs
5:00am: Leave Grass Velley Park & Ride
5:30: Pickup Auburn Park & Ride
5:45: Pickup Sierra College at I80 Park & Ride
6:15: Arrive 34th & Stockton Boulevard Caltrans DOE HQ Shop

4:00pm: Depart 34th & Stockton Boulevard
4:50: Arrive Sierra College at I80 Park & Ride
5:00: Arrive Auburn Park & Ride
5:30: Arrive Grass Velley Park & Ride
Lincoln 916-653-3341 Raquel Jaimes 5:55am: Depart Lincoln's McBean Park & Ride.
6:30: Arrive downtown Sacramento.

4:00pm: Depart and pick up.
4:45: Arrive in Lincoln.
Lincoln / Roseville 916-319-9467 Frank Banuelos 6:05am: Depart Lincoln's McBean Park & Ride.
6:20: Pick up at Roseville's Eureka/Taylor Road Park & Ride.
6:45: Arrive downtown Sacramento.

3:45 pm: Pick up in downtown Sacramento.
4:20: Arrive Eureka/Taylor Road.
4:35: Arrive in Lincoln.
Lodi / Galt 916-323-0575 John Gordon 6:00am: Leave Lodi Park & Ride, (East Victor & Beckman Rd).
6:15: Pick up Central Galt, behind McDonald's
30th and R Street
6:45: Stop at CalTrans FMP 13th and P Street
6:50: Stop at CalTrans, 8th and L Street
6:55: Stop at High Speed Rail, 15th and Capitol Ave.
7:00: Arrive at DHCS

4:00pm: Depart Sacramento.

Modesto 916-651-9263 Thomas Lutterman 5:25 am Departs Lowe’s parking lot at Pelandale & Chapman
6:30 am: Arrive Sacramento
First Stop: T & 29th Street
Second Stop: DMV on 24th Street
3rd stop: 11th & Q Street
4th stop: 10th & P Street
5th stop: 10th & L Street
6th stop: 8th & Capitol Mall

4:00 pm: Pick up: 1) 9th & Capitol Mall (bus stop)
2) 11th & Q Street
3) DMV on 24th Street
5:30 pm: Arrive in Modesto
North Natomas to Marysville 530-741-5728 Sarju Patel 6:40am: Meets at Marketplace Park & Ride off Truxel
To Caltrans in Marysville
Natomas to FTB 916-845-5494 Santino Huizer 6:15am: Departs from Truxel Market Square

Mondays off
Placerville916-227-5829 Steve Wake 5:18am: Depart from Missouri Flats Rd. (Walmart parking lot)
5:30: Pick up Ponderosa road (Bus stop/Park & Ride)
5:38: Pick up El Dorado Hills Blvd. (Raley’s parking lot)
6:00:Drop off – Cal Trans building (Folsom & 59th)
6:10: Drop off Food & Ag (12th & N St.)
6:15: Drop off Capitol Mall & Neasham Circle
6:20 Arrive 2020 West El Camino Ave. (Natomas)

4:00pm: Depart 2020 West El Camino Ave (Natomas)
4:15: Pickup Capitol Mall & Neasham Circle
4;20; Pickup Food & Ag (12th & N St.)
4:30: Pickup – 59th & Folsom
5:00: Drop off El Dorado Hills Blvd. (Raley’s parking lot)
5:15: Drop off Ponderosa Rd. (Bus stop park & ride)
5:30: Arrive Missouri Flats Rd. Placerville (Walmart parking lot)
Placerville / Cambridge Rd / El Dorado Hills to FTB 916-845-7595 Kevin Carlson 7:00am: Missouri Flat Road
7:15: Cambridge Road
7:23: El Dorado Hills
7:50:  Ends at Franchise Tax Board
Pollock Pines / Camino / Placerville 916-445-3606 Mark Copple 5:20am: Leave Pollock Pines
6:15: Arrives downtown, various stops

4:15 pm: Leaves downtown
5:40: Arrives in Pollock Pines
Roseville 916-414-6034 Sandra Beane 6:15: Depart fromStarbucks (Foothills & Baseline – Roseville)
6:55 Drop off at 707 Third Street, West Sacramento (Ziggurat Building)
7:00: Terminate at 100 Waterfront Place

4:30pm: Depart 100 Waterfront Place
4:35: Pick up at 707 Third Stree
5:15: Arrive at Starbucks, Roseville
Roseville to Sacramento 916-227-9000 Gilbert Petrissans 6:15 am: Depart Roseville Sunsplash. Taylor Road Park & Ride.
4:15 pm: Depart Sacramento
Roseville to FTB 916-845-4484 Glynice Matthews 6:15am: Depart Cirby & Sunrise
6:45: Arrives at Franchise Tax Board
Roseville / Antelope to FTB 916-876-4552 Donna Roberts 6:05am: Pleasant Grove Blvd near Woodcreek Oaks Blvd.
6:15: Walerga & Elverta
6:50: Arrives at Franchise Tax Board
Stockton wk: 916-654-4465
cell: 209-298-1549
Denise Thomas 5:55am: Picks up passengers at I-5 and Benjamin Holt Drive, (Marina Center parking lot)
6:40: Drops off at 915 Capitol Mall, (State Treasury Office),
6:45: Drop off 1416 9th Street, (Dept. of Water Resources),
6:50: Drop off 1120 N Street, (Caltrans)

3:30pm: Departs Sacramento
4:20: Arrives Benjamin Holt Drive and I-5
Stockton / South area 916-654-2203
Ingrid Oliver 6:20am: Departs from I-5 & 8 Mile Rd/Trinity Parkway in Stockton
7:20 am: Arrives Downtown Sacramento
4:00 pm: Begin pick-ups
5:05 pm: Arrives back in Stockton

Stockton 916-843-3198 Melanie Eugenio

6:05am: Leave Stockton at Eight Mile Road & I-5
6:50: Drops off at 15th & Capitol, 13th & I, 7th
7:00: Richards Blvd. (CHP)

4:30pm Monday - Thursday: Pick-ups begin.
5:30: Returns to Stockton
.3:30pm Fridays: Pick-ups begin.
4:30: Returns to Stockton

Stockton/Galt to UCDMC 916-734-9279 Lorinda O'Brien 6:30am. Leave Stockton from Morada and Maranatha just off 99
6:45 am: Galt
7:15: Arrive UCDMC. Drop off at various buildings on campus

4:15pm: Leave Med Center after various pickups.
4:40: Galt
5:10: Arrive Stockton. 
Stockton 916-376-5049 Lucy Wong AM: Picks up passengers between Eight Mile Rd. and Trinity Park Way in North Stockton.
7:00: Arrive 450 N St. Downtown and 707 3rd St. in West Sacramento.

Depart 4:20-4:25

Stockton 916-327-9353 Anne Cervantes 6:20am: Depart Stockton from Ben Holt & I-5 in the Marina Center west of McDonalds.
7:05: Arrive N & 5th St.
7:10: N St. between 8th & 9th
7:15: 10th St. (CalEPA Building)
7:20: Capital & 16th (Dept Health Services)
7:25: Capital & 18th (CA Teachers Credentialing)

Afternoon: 4:00pm: Capital & 18th (CA Teachers Credentialing)
4:05: Capital & 16th (Dept Health Services)
4:09: I & 11th St.
4:12: 9th & N St.
4:15: P & 4th St. (in front of senior citizen home)
5:05pm: Arrive Ben Holt & I-5

Stockton 209-603-3336 Roxann Wheelock 6:05am: Depart Stockton from Morada Lane & Highway 99.
6:50 (Tues-Friday) and 7:00 (Alternate Mondays): Drops at DMV, EDD, FTB downtown around the Capitol and DGS in West Sacramento.

4:30pm (Tuesay - Fridays) and 3:30 alternate Mondays: Pick up at downtown and West Sacramento locations.
5:25pm: Arrive Morada Lane & Highway 99

Stockton 916-445-1241 Manuel Rodriguez 6:00 am: Leave Marina Market at Ben Holt & I-5.
7:00: Arrive Sacramento. Caltrans Farmers Market and Caltrans HQ. P Street parking lot.

Stockton to FTB 916-845-5194 Polo Ascencio 5:15am: Depart Stockton from Walmart - Hammer Lane
5:25: Lodi - Hwy 12 Park & Ride
5:35: Galt - Twin Cities Rd. Park & Ride off Hwy 99.
6:15: Arrives at Franchise Tax Board

5:00pm: Depart FTB Central Office.
Vacaville 916-324-7646 Paula Sholberg 6:40am:  Depart Vacaville Ulatis Transit Center on Allison Drive.
Dropoffs at 4th & N Street, 16th & K Street. Park 15th & R.
Stop anywhere along that route.

Return to Vacaville begins at 4:30 pm.
Yuba City 916-900-5124 Donald Shippelhoute 5:45am: Depart Bogue Road & Garden Highway
6:25: Arrive Gateway Oaks in Natomas.
6:35: Arrive Richards Blvd.
6:40-6:45: Drop offs along N St.
6:50: Arrive Alhambra & R St.

3:30pm: Depart Alhambra & R St.
3:55: Last pickup on Gateway Oaks
4:35: Arrive Yuba City
Yuba City cell: 530-713-2877
William Lewis 5:25am: Depart Bogue Road/Hwy 99 Park & Ride
6:00: Arrive 5th & Q St.
6:05: 12th & Q St.
6:10: 30th & S St.
6:15: 34th & S St.
6:20: Arrive 59th & Folsom Blvd.

3:45: Depart 59th & Folsom Blvd.
4:00: 30th & S St.
4:08: 11th & P St.
4:12: 5th & O St.
4:50pm: Arrive Bogue Road/Hwy 99 Park & Ride

(On Friday’s the van leaves 1 hour earlier as it is a 9/80 and Friday is the Short Day.)